Makau Announces Partnership with iMergent

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<p><strong>Orem, Utah &mdash; June 27</strong><br />Makau Corp. and iMergent Inc., a provider of e-commerce software and solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs, have reached an agreement to provide StoresOnline Pro Merchants with access to additional computer, marketing and accounting training at reduced rates. </p><p>Under the terms of the agreement, Makau will pay commissions to iMergent for any training purchased by StoresOnline Pro merchants.<br /><br />Makau Corp. CEO Daniel Smith said this is an exciting relationship, as StoresOnline has many merchants that wish to further develop their business aptitude.<br /><br />&ldquo;Many small business owners understand business relationships, but even people in Fortune 500 companies have deficits in desktop skills, customer service and negotiating skills &mdash; the difference being that often larger businesses are able to hire a staff to provide on-site tutoring,&rdquo; Smith said. &ldquo;Together, we are making such tutoring, often otherwise cost-prohibitive to small business owners, available and affordable.&rdquo;<br /><br />Makau builds online training solutions for many clients including Dell Education Services, IBM Partner Channel and other fortune 100 companies. </p><p>Makau has a vast array of courses, ranging from A+ to MCSE and Office titles. Makau&rsquo;s Professional Library spans titles from Sales+ to Customer Service Skills.<br /><br />&quot;This agreement to provide greater access to training is part of our ongoing plan to deliver enhanced services and create additional value for our customers,&rdquo; said Don Danks, iMergent Inc. chairman and CEO. &quot;It will benefit StoresOnline Pro merchants through new services and expanded training capabilities.&rdquo;</p><p>Jason Porter, iMerchant vice president of business development, agrees.</p><p>&ldquo;We are excited at the opportunity to provide additional educational opportunities that will positively benefit our merchants,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;Merchants will be able to download step-by-step, interactive training programs for use on their computers or digital media players.&rdquo;</p>

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