Majority of Wireless Developers Would Switch Tools

In the emerging wireless sector, a majority of developers haven’t become strongly attached to the products and languages they use to mobilize applications, a new study conducted by research firm Evans Data Corp. shows. About 56 percent of the wireless developers surveyed said they would contemplate switching from the tools they currently use.

“There’s not a high level of dissatisfaction with the tool sets that are out there, but when we ask about when a developer is ready to jump ship on a tool set and they say they are, the reason primarily is because of functionality,” said Albion Butters, senior analyst, Evans Data Corp. “The second most important reason is cross-platform compatibility. Those two aspects are very important. We’re finding that developers are targeting between five and six different platforms on average.”

“We find that the people who consider themselves to be loyal (to one tool or solution) tend to be in the Microsoft camp,” he added. “Outside of that, proportionally speaking, the largest percentage of our pool will buy tools from a best-of-breed vendor. When choosing a vendor to buy application mobilization technology from, the greatest number of respondents gravitates first toward the best-of-breed tech vendor. That’s an interesting shift in worldview for developers, who are willing to go out and shop around to get whatever they need for functionality.”

A large part of the reason for the willingness to change is number of new wireless applications being developed, particularly in the consumer-oriented…



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