Mainframe Security Risks Pose Serious Threats to Enterprises and Government Agencies

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Jacksonville, Fla. — June 1
Vanguard Integrity Professionals, an independent provider of enterprise security software for mainframes, announced that Christian Christiansen, vice president of security products and services research at IDC, will present a keynote address titled “Mainframe Security: Enterprise Crisis?” today at the Vanguard Security Conference.

Christiansen will discuss enterprise security trends and attack methodologies, how new threats are colliding with mainframe security and the latest strategies and solutions for addressing mainframe security challenges.

“Many organizations operate under the false assumption that the mainframe is, by default, secure. However, mainframe security is at risk and the pervasiveness of these systems presents a serious threat to enterprises and government agencies,” explained Christiansen. “Little consideration has been given to changes in the way mainframes are used and how their data is accessed, including desktop connectivity over the network or through the Internet via Web applications. These changes, combined with an exponentially increasing number of users, are introducing new risks that organizations need to be aware of.”

“Mainframes are the core foundation and backbone of our critical information infrastructure. Most organizations are not providing adequate safeguards to ensure that these mission critical environments are secure and adhering to strict regulatory guidelines,” said Ronn Bailey, CEO and CTO at Vanguard. “Many senior-level corporate executives and government officials aren't aware of the risks they are facing. We look forward to hearing Christiansen's perspective on this very critical issue.”

The Vanguard Security Conference
, the world's premier RACF, System z and enterprise security conferences, has been training security professionals to better defend their mainframes from emerging threats for 23 years. This year's conference, May 3 through June 4 in Jacksonville, offers more than 90 training sessions and the sessions are taught by 37 leading industry professionals.

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