Macromedia Certification: Solidifying Your Future

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In today’s business climate, where companies keep a tight hold on budgets, IT certification is one of the few ways to earn a promotion and secure a raise. Certification not only promotes your expertise as designer or developer within the IT community, but it also helps your company increase billing and win new clients. As a result, most organizations see certification as a value-added benefit to their business and a way to increase their return on investment. For these reasons, companies often encourage certification by reimbursing their employees for the preparation and examination costs that are associated with the certification process.


This is especially true for companies that build Web sites and applications with Macromedia Flash, Dreamweav-er and ColdFusion. With Macromedia Flash Player reaching 98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide, there are thousands of people competing for the same jobs and hundreds of organizations competing for the same contracts. As companies come under increasing pressure to deliver projects on time and under budget, designer and developer certification has become the standard for building high-quality project teams and the entry requirement for applicants.


Whether you are a consultant looking to gain more clients and increase your earnings or a member of a corporate Web team trying to be promoted, certification is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Leveraging the Benefits of Certification
A company can charge more for a certified professional, and because your organization will win more contracts with a staff of qualified professionals, it is possible to show a causal relationship between certification and your company’s success. Let employers and colleagues know you have attained the highest level of professional competency by testing your skills, knowledge and experience.


Designers and developers who specialize in Macro-media products and want to prove their elite status earn Macromedia certification. Held in high regard, Macromedia certification is a recognized benchmark in more than 54 countries and demonstrates know-ledge of essential Web design and development techniques. The success of these elite designers and developers has increased the value of Macromedia certification, allowing employers to trust Macromedia Certified Professionals to create highly engaging, interactive and effective Web sites and applications for their clients.


Continuous Support of Candidates
The true test of a certification program is the measure by which it supports and promotes its certified professionals. Those who achieve certification should be able to rely on their certification to promote their expertise and aid them throughout their professional careers. For candidates who do not initially achieve certification, an exam performance analysis and recommended training options are available after the exam to help prepare for the retest.


Whether candidates are preparing for their first examination or a retest, or are looking to hone their existing skills with additional training, Macro-media offers a variety of training options. Candidates can choose customized online certification training through Macro-media University, in-depth instructor-led training through a Macromedia Auth-orized Training Partner or a self-paced option by purchasing a Macro-media Certified Study Guide from Macromedia Press. The Macromedia Certified Professional Program (MMCP) has worked closely with each organization to ensure candidate success.


Macromedia helps certified designers and developers get ahead by promoting them on the Macromedia Web site. Listed by name and region, Macromedia Certified Professionals receive free exposure that is complemented by the ability to use the Macromedia Certified Designer and Developer logos on their business cards and Web sites, a special lapel pin to wear when visiting clients and attending events, and a personalized certificate.


Macromedia Certification Exams
The Macromedia Certified Professional Program (MMCP) tests the skills of designers and developers with exams covering Macromedia Flash, Dream-weaver and ColdFusion. Macromedia certification exams are available worldwide through VUE, the test delivery partner of Macromedia, in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Brazil-ian Portuguese.


Even though these exams test the skills of designers and developers, leading infrastructure companies now make sure that their network administrators and e-business analysts are also certified because their potential clients are more inclined to trust consultants that employ certified ColdFusion developers as part of their network administration team.


Making Certification Affordable and Accessible
Macromedia certification exams are priced affordably. Macromedia has partnered with VUE to deliver its certification exams to more than 2,500 locations worldwide. Designers and developers can also take advantage of downloading exam blueprints from the Macromedia certification Web site that outline the topics and depth of knowledge required to pass each exam. These blueprints are essential to the preparation process because they not only tell candidates what to study, but they also identify the skills most important in the industry.


Matthew Bertolami, originally from Allaire Corp., has been the program manager for the Macromedia Certified Professional Program for two years. Questions on the Macromedia Certified Professional Program can be sent to

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