Lyro to Change Face of Online Business Networking

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<p><strong>Minneapolis &mdash; Nov. 28</strong><br />Lyro, the Web&#39;s first business destination for broadcasting, expressing, discovering and promoting one&#39;s professional self, was recently launched. The site is set to take people&#39;s online social networking skills and put them to work &mdash; literally &mdash; to change the face of business networking.<br /><br />”Our goal with Lyro is to provide business professionals with the means to be found, promote themselves, network and learn about new opportunities online,” said Lyro co-founder Lief Larson. “Establishing an online presence and standing out in a crowded Web landscape is increasingly important for people working in everything from freelance positions to large corporate environments. So many people enjoy sites like MySpace, Flickr and YouTube. Lyro is the business alternative to today&#39;s existing social Web sites.”<br /><br />Lyro launched a beta version of its site in June, and since then, more than 20,000 people have created Lyro profiles. Lyro beta users already enjoy increased search engine visibility, with more than 40,000 of them gaining top results in Google.<br /><br />”As a health care management consultant, I need to get my name out to as many potential business partners as possible,” said Lyro user Robert Chalice. “With Lyro, I have the tools to creatively position my company and services online. New business opportunities arise more frequently now because Lyro guarantees that my name and profile are found more often by prospective clients.” <br /><br />Lyro provides customers with a variety of online benefits, including establishing a cost-effective and visible online identity tailored to the customer&#39;s style and needs. Through search engine optimization (SEO), each Lyro member enjoys the benefits of being found more easily by the Web&#39;s top search engines. Essentially, names registered with Lyro are pulled to the top of the list when searchers look for them in an ever-expanding digital world. Lyro users quickly enjoy a higher Google ranking and increased personal brand visibility.<br /><br />Lyro enables people to search for colleagues, potential business partners and clients, acquaintances and experts within an open and highly visible site. Unlike other services, registered Lyro customers&#39; profiles can be found and viewed online even by individuals not currently registered or logged in with Lyro. Business professionals in organizations of all sizes, especially small to medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, can benefit from Lyro&#39;s capabilities.<br /><br />”While many people have established an online social identity through sites such as Facebook, few businesspeople have created a professional online identity,” said industry expert and thought leader Peter Montoya, whose books include <em>A Brand Called You</em> and <em>The Personal Branding Phenomenon</em>. “Lyro customers enjoy benefits beyond Facebook in that Lyro actually helps its users create a personal brand.” </p>

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