LRN Partners with PureSafety to Expand Online Courses

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Los Angeles — Sept. 20
LRN, a provider of ethics and compliance solutions, has added the world’s largest catalog of online education courses in environmental, health and safety (EHS) to its library of online ethics and compliance courses.

Through a partnership with PureSafety, a provider of online safety training and risk management software solutions, LRN has added more than 300 courses on topics ranging from OSHA compliance, emergency preparedness and health and wellness to its market-leading education library of more than 200 online courses on topics such as business ethics, workplace harassment, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), anti-trust and proper workplace communications.

The integrated offering provides companies a single platform from which to integrate their EHS and ethics and compliance education to more effectively and efficiently manage their risks and engage employees in compliance matters.

“Our partnership with PureSafety brings together two recognized industry leaders, creating the most extensive library of courses in ethics, compliance and EHS,” said Cheryl Curran, LRN vice president of marketing. “By joining forces, we ensure companies can proactively address the vast areas of legal and ethical risks they face across the globe.”

Ron Kirsch, PureSafety vice president of business development, agreed.

“Our industry-leading EHS offerings are a natural complement to LRN’s online ethics and compliance education library,” Kirsch said. “We are united in our approach to change the way business operates by offering engaging, interactive and integrated learning experiences for employees.”

Companies such as DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Raytheon and United Technologies Corp. rely on LRN’s online education offering to inform their employees about the values and laws that guide their actions on the job.

In addition to online education, LRN also offers offline and in-person employee, manager and board education, ethics and compliance certifications, employee helplines and case management solutions to engage employees in ethics and compliance and to effectively mitigate risks through the promotion of responsible conduct throughout companies.

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