Los Angeles County Office of Education Finds Hope for Alternative Education Division

<p><strong>Long Beach, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 14</strong><br />Teaching incarcerated and at-risk juveniles is the job of the alternative education division of the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Shuttling between courthouses, treatment facilities, juvenile halls and foster care, these teens and preteens often got lost in the system in the past. Thanks to the instantaneous electronic transfer of their educational files, made possible by Laserfiche WebLink, these juveniles now are keeping up with schoolwork and counseling opportunities. This increases the likelihood of their eventual rehabilitation.<br /><br />"Laserfiche provided a timely solution to help counselors, psychologists and teachers plan coursework for students in court and provide report cards that can be e-mailed to their new schools," says Robert Sciortino, program administrator of school records. "It enables us to comply with state special education requirements by making Individual Education Plans available within 24 hours to any site a juvenile may be transferred."<br /><br />Sciortino says the use of Laserfiche at the Los Angeles County Office of Education has made a fundamental change in operations. Personnel time previously used to search for paper files, copy them, refile them and fax or mail them is dramatically reduced. Lost files are no longer a problem, because all records are saved electronically and instantly retrieved with Laserfiche&#39;s full-text search feature.<br /><br />The software is mission-critical to the alternative education division now, but Sciortino envisions the day that it will be used to manage the records of all 2 million students enrolled in Los Angeles County schools. The…



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