Looking Beyond the IT Job Market Horizon

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It seems that blended approaches throughout the IT industry—whether it is using two or more database servers or having onshore and near-shore call-center services—are becoming a common staple in today’s expanding marketplace. The demand for diversified employees is extremely prevalent throughout the different IT sectors as well.


During the past month or so, I have spoken with more than a handful of IT experts about how technical skill diversification is not only becoming a desired requirement by companies, but a necessity for professionals to stay competitive in the job marketplace.


It is becoming common for professionals to earn certifications not only to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, but also to expand their technical skill sets and change career direction. Besides, most experts concede that certifications are the easiest way to diversify skill sets and experience, as well as stay competitive in today’s marketplace.


Although certifications are an excellent option, staying current on what is going on in your particular IT sector is also important. IT professionals should continually analyze technology advancements, company skill requirements and, of course, the progressions and regressions of jobs in marketplace. Conducting IT job searches is an easy way to not only see what companies are looking for potential hires, but also to stay ahead of the marketplace’s future needs.


Social networking with other IT pros is also important. There is no better way to get a sneak peak into another company’s operations, expectations and capabilities than through one of your peers. Not only may you learn something from your conversations with other IT professionals, you may also have a new contact or recommendation for future job prospects.


In the end, keeping your eyes beyond the horizon rather than on the horizon will definitely improve your competitive edge in today’s diversified marketplace.

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