London Youth Services to Benefit from Partnership

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<p><strong>London &mdash; May 4</strong><br />A ground-breaking partnership between Partnership for Young London BT and the youth services of four London boroughs &mdash; Croydon, Richmond, Tower Hamlets and Westminster &mdash; has resulted in more flexible, accessible, efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering workforce development materials.<br /><br />Known as the Ypower program, this partnership enables each local authority to share in a managed learning service, delivering personalized learning for workers in areas such as safeguarding, common assessment framework (CAF), and health and safety. </p><p>Ypower allows managers to record individuals&#39; training requirements, deliver against these requirements and track the training that has been provided.<br /><br />&quot;Ypower offers much better use of learners&#39; time, with essential information being delivered online, allowing classroom delivery to focus on more practical applications of learning,&quot; said Roger King, deputy head of Youth Service in Croydon.<br /><br />Helen Hibbert Partnership for Young London strategic director agrees</p><p>&quot;We are confident that Ypower will deliver a better trained, more efficient workforce for youth services right across the capital and maybe even the nation,&quot; she said. </p><p>The Ypower partnership has commissioned both generic courses such as a basic introduction to health and safety, as well as risk assessment, and two youth service-specific packages: Safeguarding Children and Young People and Common Assessment Framework training.<br /><br />These e-learning programs have been produced by Tata Interactive Systems (TIS). </p><p>BT and TIS think the Ypower programs &mdash; which can be customized to each council or department &mdash; provide an accurate, up-to-date message that is easily accessible and widely available as and when required.<br /><br />&quot;Ultimately, the Ypower partnership looks to create a comprehensive portfolio of online and classroom courses and make them widely available to youth services and youth organizations across the country,&quot; said Viren Lall of BT, which manages the Ypower programs with Partnership for Young London.</p><p>Croydon&#39;s Roger King said discussions are being held with the Children&#39;s Workforce Development Council to explore the potential contribution of Ypower to the development children&#39;s services nationwide. </p>

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