Logica Announces Winner in Search for Most Innovative U.K. SMEs

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<strong>March 16 </strong><br />Logica, an IT and business services company, announced Cognisco as the 2009 U.K. winner of the country stage of its Global Innovation Venture Partner Program (GIVP). The award commends small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) for outstanding innovative IT solutions that deliver actual business benefits to organizations. The program attracted more than 40 applicants across the U.K.<br /> <br />Following a competitive selection process, Cognisco was selected and will now be working with Logica to develop a joint go-to-market strategy. It will also have the opportunity to engage with some of Logica&rsquo;s most important customers. Cognisco provides knowledge development solutions that measure employees&rsquo; knowledge and competence in conjunction with confidence, enabling employers to optimize their workforce and ensure that every employee is in a position to excel.<br /> <br />The other U.K. shortlisted companies were:<br /><br /><ul><li>AMEE produces &lsquo;the world&rsquo;s energy meter,&rsquo; which provides a platform to measure the carbon footprint of everything on earth.</li><li>Erudine is a company dedicated to providing the tools that captures system behavior and builds new or replacement systems retaining human knowledge to prevent future legacy.</li><li>Imaginitik is a provider of collaborative innovation and idea management technology and services, providing unique enterprise software, processes and insights to tap into the brainpower of hundreds and thousands of people.</li><li>Verisim develops fully functional simulations of enterprise systems that are fundamental to the successful delivery of a change management project within large organizations</li></ul> <br />The GIVP program is being run across eight major countries including the U.K., Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Portugal and India. The overall GIVP 2009 winner for the program will be announced on March 17 in London, post a comprehensive evaluation by a Logica senior management panel of all country winner solutions.<br /> <br />Scott Sharp, director at Cognisco, said: &ldquo;We are honored to be recognized as the U.K. GIVP winner and have already found it a great way to introduce ourselves to all different parts of Logica. We were challenged by Logica sales, marketing, technical and commercial management, but were able to clearly showcase the underlying business value and ROI that customers and partners achieve with our knowledge development solutions. Cognisco prides itself as being at the forefront of innovation in its field and we are looking forward to demonstrating that to the selection panel in London.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Steve Tyler, U.K. delivery and technical director at Logica and chairman of the U.K. panel, said: &ldquo;We are pleased to announce Cognisco as the U.K. winner. Cognisco gave a great presentation, exhibiting good cultural synergy and a partnership led approach, which is very important as we will be working closely together. Cognisco&rsquo;s solution provides Logica with an innovative addition to its existing solution and service portfolios, by allowing us to understand in great detail the human element associated with processes and systems prior to the design or outsourcing phases of our projects. <br /><br />&ldquo;Through the addition of this data, we firmly believe that the combined strengths of Logica&rsquo;s business transformation expertise and Cognisco&rsquo;s unique knowledge development solutions, will allow us to provide an even better value added service, to help solve our customers&rsquo; real business pains.&rdquo;<br /> <br />The GIVP program aims to bring new technology and business solutions to market and to recognize the essential role that these companies play in driving real IT innovation and customer satisfaction to clients. Winners of the initiative are effectively getting access to an established global resource, providing go-to-market support and opportunities to engage with client organizations where appropriate.<br />

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