Log-ic Launched RFID Probed Temperature Logger

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<p><strong>Memphis, Tenn. &mdash; Dec. 3</strong><br />Intelligent Devices Inc. (a subsidiary of smart packaging experts Information Mediary Corp.) in partnership with Evidencia LLP, announces the immediate commercial and worldwide availability of the Log-ic ThermProbeRFT, the only passive radio-frequency and wireless probed temperature recorder available in the world. Log-ic ThermProbeRF combines the wireless benefits and accuracy of RFID. Log-ic ThermProbeRF is an extension to the radio frequency temperature logger line for cold chain management, including the Log-ic Tracker, Log-ic ThermAssureRF and Log-ic ThermAssureRF Dry-Ice.<br /><br />For 12 months prior to its official release, Log-ic ThermProbeRF was extensively tested by many customers and labs. Aside from its obvious wireless benefits and the ability to check and download the entire time and temperature history of sealed boxes or pallet centers, the Log-ic ThermProbeRF offers a neutral form factor (flat as a credit card) for better stacking and less breakage versus other nonwireless probed temperature recorders, as well as an extremely fast response time and the ability to scan actual temperatures on the fly, thus combining the benefits of a pulp thermometer and a recorder. Additionally, this wireless solution is generally less costly, faster and requires less labor than other standard probed temperature loggers.<br /><br />The Log-ic ThermProbeRF logger offers custom programming with time and temperature alarm thresholds and easy-to-use yet powerful software analysis. Combined with the CertiScan portable RFID reader, the system provides an efficient way to monitor a wide range of products, from salmon or pineapple or banana core temperatures to dry ice shipments of valuable pharmaceuticals.<br /><br />The entire line of Log-ic temperature RFID loggers will be presented at the IDTech Active RFID and RTLS conference and exhibition in Dallas, Dec. 4-6. </p>

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