Lieberman Software Unveils Privileged Password Management Platform

<strong>Orlando, Fla. </strong><br />In response to threats posed by decrypted local passwords leading to peer-level network access and the difficulty in thoroughly and rapidly updating every system with unique credentials, Lieberman Software Corp. announced the availability of Enterprise Random Password Manager. <br />Recent high-profile security breaches, such as the TJX Cos. attack, highlight the serious consequences that can result when sensitive administrator or root passwords are accessed by unauthorized sources.<br /> <br />Enterprise Random Password Manager was developed to automatically discover and update all privileged password account use throughout the enterprise. It continuously randomizes all local passwords and updates every place where the credentials are referenced, such as services, tasks and objects. <br /> <br />&ldquo;The problem with most password management solutions is that they reactively change only the local passwords that are identified by the IT group,&rdquo; said Chris Stoneff, product manager at Lieberman Software. &ldquo;This method is not inclusive of all the places that privileged passwords are used in the enterprise, leading to account lockouts as applications persist in referencing obsolete credentials. The Enterprise Random Password Manager strategy is to manage and update the privileged passwords and also all of the objects in the enterprise that use these privileged credentials.&rdquo; <br /> <br />As a result of recent data breaches such as this year&rsquo;s Societe Generale incident that led to billions of dollars in losses, the security of privileged administrator and root passwords is becoming a critical business concern. Gartner estimates that shared account password management tools will be used by…



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