Lieberman Software is 1st Vendor to Achieve

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<strong>Los Angeles &mdash; Jan. 3</strong><br />Lieberman Software Corp. is the fist vendor to earn two Microsoft Windows Server 2008 product certifications, the most in the systems management market. The company&rsquo;s Service Account Manager and User Manager Pro products have met Microsoft&rsquo;s stringent requirements for scalability, reliability and performance. <br /><br />&ldquo;Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced server platform ever released by Microsoft,&rdquo; said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. &ldquo;It incorporates significant security enhancements, which are integral to our customers. We started our certification efforts early in anticipation of how we can best serve our clients&rsquo; needs for managing and securing their enterprise environments.&rdquo;<br /><br />Lieberman Software began working closely with Microsoft on development, support and marketing activities as soon as the first Longhorn betas were released for Windows Server 2008. The company is an aggressive adopter of new Microsoft operating systems and earned more Windows Vista product certifications than any other management software developer. Its Windows Server 2008 certification efforts were launched to meet the expectations of major customers for products that can effectively manage the new platform. <br /><br />Lieberman Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the ISV competency. Its products manage thousands of systems simultaneously from one central console and are utilized for local password and account management, maintaining regulatory compliance, security threat assessment and threat response/intrusion remediation. <br /><br />Windows Server 2008 certification is an industry standard designed by Microsoft to ensure applications that pass the requirements offer maximum performance, productivity and security when deployed to the enterprise. Certification for the Lieberman Software products was conducted by Wipro, an independent, third-party testing provider. <br /><br />Lieberman Software expects to have three more products certified for Microsoft Server 2008 prior to the official product launch in February. The company will be a sponsor and an exhibitor at the Microsoft 2008 Launch Wave in Los Angeles on Feb. 27. <br />

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