Lieberman Software Adds Linux Support

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<p><strong>Los Angeles &mdash; Aug. 6</strong><br />Deploying Linux systems with common root account credentials is the standard practice for IT departments at large organizations, but it&rsquo;s a method that can incur significant security consequences if even one account is compromised. </p><p>Although convenient for the IT department, this practice leaves systems in an insecure state. An unauthorized user with physical access to a machine easily can extract the local credentials, decrypt them and gain unrestricted access to every other system on the network.<br /><br />Lieberman Software&rsquo;s Random Password Manager solves this problem by providing frequently changed unique passwords for each root account on every machine. </p><p>It constantly modifies root account credentials so that no two Linux systems have identical credentials, preventing unauthorized users from gaining peer-level access throughout the enterprise.<br /><br />Random Password Manager is now compatible with all versions and distributions of Linux, optimizing the security of Linux servers and workstations deployed throughout the enterprise with the same root account and password. </p><p>It connects to all Linux systems on the enterprise via a secure SSH connection, randomizes the root passwords and periodically verifies that the randomized passwords still work.<br /><br />Lieberman Software has observed the growing number of Linux deployment at its large government and corporate enterprise accounts where Random Password Manager is already in production on Windows systems. </p><p>Native Linux support was added to the product to meet the demands of these customers who wished to extend the technology to other mission-critical areas of the IT infrastructure.<br /><br />&ldquo;We have always been neutral when it comes to our clients&rsquo; platform preferences and support all operating systems that our customers deploy,&rdquo; said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. &ldquo;With the new version of Random Password Manager, organizations running a heterogeneous mix of Windows, Linux, UNIX, SQL Server, Cisco and other platforms can secure their common administrator and root credentials so that there is no single set of credentials that can jeopardize security.&rdquo;</p>

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