Leverage Life’s Homework Hotline Is a Success

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Pleastanton, Calif. — March 26
Three years ago, Leverage Life began offering an added benefit to its concierge and work-life programs. Its Homework Hotline program has proven to be a much-needed benefit for working parents.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2012 the growth of the workforce will be less than 1 percent. Workers age 35 to 44 will decline by nearly 3 million, or 6.8 percent, and workers over 55 will grow by more than 10 million, or 50 percent. These facts, combined with the growth of dual-income families and employees who have waited until they were older to have children, create more pressure on parents to find ways to help their children succeed in school.

Tutoring services provide a great support system for working parents, taking the stress out of homework. Help is quick and convenient, and the tutors are highly trained, professional and experienced. By offering a Homework Hotline, employees' children receive telephonic and online assistance from professional tutors for all major subjects from grades three through 12. Parents can also call in to learn about a particular subject or get tips on how to help their child improve their study or organizational skills. As a result of using the Homework Hotline, students and parents said they are improving their grades, building their confidence, achieving personal goals and enjoying school more.

Based on Leverage Life's user surveys, 100 percent of respondents reported that they were glad the service was offered and they would recommend it to others. Ninety-three percent said the Homework Hotline was helping them complete their homework assignments, and 96 percent said it was helping them improve their grades. And 100 percent reported that this program helped them be more confident about their schoolwork. 

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