Letters to the Editor – March 2005

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IT Incentives
The article “Career Strategies for the Age of Global Outsourcing” in the February 2005 issue of Certification Magazine ended with several proposals for training new IT workers for the higher value jobs that are apparently being created by offshore outsourcing. However, the article fails to address how to convince people to enter IT in the first place.

The IT professions are not easy. If you are like most people—wanting to put your education behind you—IT is not for you. Constant education, most on your own very limited personal time, is the norm. With offshoring reducing the pay for even the “highly valued” jobs, there is little incentive for people to enter IT in the first place.

Russel Loski
Duncanville, Texas


Certifying Visual Basic Applications
I have an application that is developed using standard Visual Basic classes and methods (Visual Basic 6.0 version), and all of data is stored on an Oracle 8i database. The application is connected to the Oracle database through the ODBC driver. I am trying to find out if there will be any problems with running my VB application in an Oracle 10g environment. Is the Visual Basic 6.0 version certified for Oracle 10g environment?

Your valuable information is deeply appreciated. Thanks

Nita Liu
Ellicott City, Md.

Editor’s Note: We asked Amit Kalani, who recently wrote an article on using Visual Basic (see www.certmag.com/articles/templates/cmag_techniques.asp?articleid=999&zoneid=95), to answer Nita’s question:

“I am not aware of any product certification programs that are offered by Oracle to certify compatible products. The whole point of ODBC connectivity is that you are able to connect the database with different applications and programming languages. Visual Basic 6.0 is a very popular way to access an Oracle database, and I am not aware of any general compatibility issue between VB and Oracle.”



i-Net+ Help
I read about Douglas Schweitzer’s certifications in his bio for Certification Magazine. I notice that he has done i-Net+ certification. I am thinking about it too.

I just wanted to see if you can direct me in the right direction. Could you please tell me what literature to read and where to find it in order to successfully pass the certification test? If you could, guide me to certification material online or books that I should read and learn and what to focus on.

Any help will be truly appreciated!

Adeel Sajjad
Wichita, Kan.

Editor’s Note: We asked Douglas Schweitzer to respond to Adeel’s note:

“Thanks for writing to CertMag! We welcome all questions and comments from our readership.

“I think it’s great that you are considering the i-Net+ exam from CompTIA. This comprehensive exam tests your foundation skills in Internet and networking technologies. In my experience, it is beneficial to first study for an obtain the CompTIA A+ certification prior to taking i-Net+ to establish your foundation computer skills.

“For the i-Net+, there are numerous study guides. ‘The i-Net+ StudyGuide’ by David Groth and Dorothy Magee is a good start. Additional material can be found at www.mcmcse.com/comptia/inet/IK0002.shtml.

“Good luck in your pursuit of this useful certification!”



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