ScanStation 2 Boasts Increase in Scan Speeds

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<p><strong>Norcross, Ga. &mdash; July 31</strong><br />Leica Geosystems has announced the next-generation Leica ScanStation 2 pulsed laser scanner with faster scan speeds and functionality for as-built and topographic surveying. </p><p>Now housed in a lighter, lower-profile design, the Leica ScanStation 2 is capable of a maximum instantaneous scan speed of 50,000 points per second, more than 10 times that of its ScanStation predecessor (4,000 points per second) and the highest in the industry for pulsed scanners.<br /><br />Ideal for high-density scanning of building facades, plant as-builts, structural as-builts and forensic scene capture, the Leica ScanStation 2 also incorporates many new features, including the industry&#39;s first coordinate lock function. </p><p>This feature allows a user to point the scanner&#39;s visible green beam to visual location specific, pre-selected coordinates such as drill or attachment points for fabrication. </p><p>In addition, users can reduce the minimum point-to-point spacing in any scan. </p><p>Actual field productivity achieved depends on many variables such as the specific scan density and field-of-view selected for any given scan.<br /><br />&quot;Combined with the basic advantages of using this type of scanner for everyday topographic surveys, ScanStation 2 significantly expands the overall speed, versatility and functionality of laser scanning,&quot; said Charles M. Coiner, Leica Geomatics Survey: High-Definition Surveying vice president of sales. &quot;It&#39;s suited to meet the increasing demand for high density scanning technology in a wide range of industries from engineering and surveying to public safety and forensic investigation.&quot;<br /><br />While setting a new standard for scan speed in pulsed laser scanners, Leica ScanStation 2 retains the four fundamental total station features that defined ScanStation as a new category of laser scanner. </p>

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