Leica Introduces Member of System 1200 Family

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<strong>Norcross, Ga. &mdash; Oct. 12</strong><br />Leica Geosystems has introduced the most advanced survey-grade total station with leading-edge enhancements in accuracy, productivity and scalability.<br /><br />The new Leica TPS1200+ Total Station introduces the most precise automatic positioning ever seen in this class of instruments, along with several other accuracy improvements.  <br /><br />Users no longer have to trade pointing accuracy to gain the convenience of robotic instruments.  <br /><br />In combination with the new positioning camera, the PinPoint reflectorless EDM range and accuracy has increased twofold. The improved features of the telescope and the new high contrast color display make this instrument the best in its class. <br /><br />Through continued reaserch and development, Leica&#39;s PinPoint reflectorless technology has once again been improved.  <br /><br />PinPoint reflectorless EDM&#39;s can now measure to distances to over 3000 feet. You can have the assurance of accurate measurements at maximum range from the industries most precise reflectorless EDM.  <br /><br />The combination of range, accuracy and laser spot size make this the best reflectorless EDM on the market today.<br /><br />To improve instrument performance to reflectors, a new CMOS camera system has been developed. <br /><br />This camera now makes pointing accuracies of 1 sec (ISO 17-123-3) possible.  To improve the overall instrument distance accuracy, a new red-diode EDM has been designed to bring the base EDM accuracy to  1 millimeter. <br /><br />This type of quality has always been reserved for special application instruments but now is available in all Leica 1200+ instruments.

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