“Field to Finish” for High-Accuracy Mobile GIS

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<p><strong>Norcross, Ga. &mdash; July 2</strong><br />The more than 13,000 industry professionals attending the 27th-annual ESRI International User Conference on June 18-22 in San Diego had the opportunity to evaluate and test Leica Geosystems&#39; line of products and integrated solutions designed specifically for the geospatial industry. </p><p>Products that generated special interest from this diverse audience included Leica Geosystems&#39; System 1200 real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS receivers and robotic total stations, High Definition Surveying (HDS) scanning systems and, most notably, the multisensor, mobile GIS solution, MobileMatriX.<br /><br />&quot;The demand for efficient, high-accuracy, mobile GIS data collection held the spotlight for much of the ESRI conference, thus putting tremendous focus on the Leica MobileMatriX,&quot; said Issac Standard, Leica Geosystems technical support engineer. &quot;With this solution, Leica Geosystems has bridged the gap between the surveyor&#39;s data collector and the GIS professional&#39;s geodatabase. This software is extremely innovative as a one-stop &#39;field to finish&#39; solution for high-accuracy mobile GIS.&quot;<br /><br />Put simply, for the nonsurveyor, as a &quot;field to finish&quot; solution, MobileMatrix allows the surveyor to code descriptions of data as they are collected in the field and export the data to an ASCII file to be read by the software application, which then automates the drawing process.<br /><br />MobileMatriX is multisensor mobile GIS software designed to operate on Tablet PCs as an extension to ESRI&#39;s ArcGIS desktop platform. </p><p>It is equipped with integrated survey-processing functionality in the ArcGIS environment with real-time links to a variety of surveying instruments such as GPS sensors, total stations and digital levels.<br /><br />Concurrently, Leica Geosystems sponsored the fifth-annual ESRI Survey &amp; Engineering Summit, a special conference that ran parallel to the ESRI International User Conference, focused specifically on surveyors and related industries.&nbsp; </p><p>The Leica Geosystems staff played a key role in the conference plenary sessions, illustrating the integration of survey stakeout with mobile GIS that included live demonstrations of MobileMatriX in action with other GIS and survey tools.</p>

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