System: Upgradeability to Future Satellite-Positioning

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<p><strong>Norcross, Ga. &mdash; July 23</strong><br />The Leica GPS900 family of products from Leica Geosystems are now available with even greater satellite-tracking abilities and advanced color displays.</p><p>The heart of the GPS900 family includes the ATX900 GG GLONASS antenna with Leica Geosystems&#39; proven GNSS technology and the RX900c WindowsCE color controller with removable CF memory card.&nbsp; </p><p>Together, as a fully scalable midrange solution, the GPS900 RTK system is ideal for a wide range of jobs, including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, instant volume calculations, topographic and as-built surveys.<br /><br />The Leica GPS900 rover offers a choice of controllers, including the Leica RX900 with internal memory, and now the new Leica RX900c that features a one-quarter VGA color display with outstanding clarity and a removable CF-card for easy data transfer.<br /><br />The new Leica ATX900 GG is a 72-channel GNSS antenna with outstanding satellite-tracking characteristics &mdash; even to low-altitude satellites and in adverse conditions. </p><p>Compatible with both the Leica RX900 and Leica RX900c, the new ATX900 GG provides fast acquisition and Leica Geosystems&#39; patented SmartCheck technology increasing the overall reliability and performance of GPS900, particularly in demanding situations.<br /><br />&quot;In terms of versatility, speed and functionality, this is a powerhouse system, all packaged in an easily transportable, rugged case,&quot; said Carl Singleton, product marketing manager. &quot;GPS900 is the only midrange RTK GPS system out there that offers upgradeability to future satellite positioning systems, such as Galileo, as they become more operational.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Aligned with Leica&#39;s SmartCheck+ and SmartTrack+ technologies, we&#39;re able to deliver one of the world&#39;s best-performing GPS systems.&quot;</p>

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