Leica CloudWorx Advancements Improve Processing

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<p><strong>Norcross, Ga. &mdash; July 3</strong><br />New productivity enhancements and expanded licensing opportunities spotlight the latest release of Leica CloudWorx 3.3 for AutoCAD, a software application that allows designers and engineers to visualize and work efficiently with 3D point cloud data created by 3-D laser scanning systems such as high-definition surveying (HDS) directly within AutoCAD. </p><p>A similar version is planned to support Bentley MicroStation applications and users.<br /><br />The latest release incorporates many features that specifically benefit plant designers, including a clash-detection manager, a new flange point-selection tool and an enhanced point cloud-density display control.<br /><br />&quot;The point cloud clash-management functionality allows plant designers to readily find clashes between existing &#39;as-built&#39; conditions and the new piping, equipment and structural designs inside their Plant CAD application,&quot; said Bill Wallace, Leica Geosystems HDS LLC senior software product manager. &quot;It has the look and feel of familiar plant CAD model clashing features, thus requires little training and immediate benefit. </p><p>&quot;Moreover, designers can also manage the clashes better over time, assigning them to individuals and systematically monitoring their resolution as the project progresses.&quot;<br /><br />A powerful new flange point-selection tool enables the precise definition of critical &quot;tie-in&quot; points, which has heretofore been one of the most difficult, yet important, office tasks when working with as-built point clouds in the piping applications.<br /><br />Finally, an enhanced point density display control capability speeds office productivity, particularly when working with large and dense point cloud data sets often associated with plant as-builts. </p><p>Such data sets could otherwise take a long time to display on screen before allowing the user to focus in on a selected area.</p>

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