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<p><strong>Toledo, Ohio &mdash; June 27</strong><br />LearnShare LLC, the consortium of Fortune 1000 companies organized to research, design, purchase, package and share best practices in training and development, has announced that Brandon Hall, an independent research firm in the training and development industry, recognized LearnShare&rsquo;s learning management system (LMS) with high marks for its robust features and ease of use.&nbsp; </p><p>LearnShare&rsquo;s LMS is unique in that it has been built by training leaders from Fortune 1000 companies.<br /><br />In its recently released edition of &quot;LMS KnowledgeBase 2007: In-Depth Profiles of 60+ Learning Management Systems, with Custom Comparison Across 200+ Features,&quot; Brandon Hall analysts recognized LearnShare&rsquo;s LMS:<br />&nbsp;</p><ul><li>&ldquo;Thoughtfully designed and executed, this platform devotes attention to the micro and macro features of an LMS with the ease of use to extract complex and detailed data and information.&rdquo;</li><li>For &ldquo;managing multiple subportals from a single implementation is fast and effortless.&rdquo;</li><li>&ldquo;The LearnShare LMS is a contender. Mid- to large-sized companies that are geographically dispersed and have limited in-house IT and educational expertise should take a hard look at the LearnShare LMS. This powerful, yet easily used, product is offered as a hosted solution or as a stand-alone product.&rdquo;<br /></li></ul><p>&ldquo;LearnShare&rsquo;s LMS was created by our members for our members, and Brandon Hall&rsquo;s recognition is a testament to the fact that the learning leaders at our member companies, who are active and knowledgeable in day-to-day operations of training and development, can create a product superior to those created by an outside consultancy,&rdquo; Lois Webster, LearnShare CEO, said. <br /><br />The LearnShare LMS serves as an enterprise&rsquo;s online learning environment that empowers the management, delivery and tracking of blended learning for employees, stakeholders and customers, plus the ability to monitor and quantify the overall cost and impact of education and training. </p><p>The LearnShare LMS provides key performance and administrative functions, including:<br /></p><ul><li>Enrollment and registration management for instructor-led training, CBT, WBT and printed materials, as well as synchronous and asynchronous, training. Roles can be set for users and administrators to control for authorized users of learning offerings, as well as manage course approvals. &nbsp;</li><li>A personalized communication message board and e-mail program that provides information and notification of the status of an individual&rsquo;s learning events and training history, including mandatory and optional learning opportunities.</li><li>Course catalogs that can accommodate all delivery methods with advance searching capabilities.</li><li>Comprehensive catalogs of existing content that is pay-per-use.</li><li>System interoperability that supports content creation in most programs and multimedia delivery.</li><li>Comprehensive reporting, including user&rsquo;s learning history and results for users and supervisors to monitor and direct.</li><li>Tools for creating and deploying surveys, evaluations and assessments.</li><li>Security and permission profile settings and password management for different accessibility for employees, administrators, external customers and suppliers. </li><li>A WYSIWYG authoring environment.</li><li>An open architecture that supports learning standards, including AICC, SCORM and W3C. </li><li>All supported by a help desk for administrators. </li></ul><p>&ldquo;The LearnShare LMS is one of the industry&rsquo;s best-kept secrets,&quot; Webster said. &quot;It is truly comprehensive and delivers the thinking of some of the largest corporate training organizations.&quot;</p>

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