Learning@Cisco Introduces Serious Games, Self-Assessments and More

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San Jose, Calif. – April 1
To meet the learning needs of tomorrow’s networking professionals, Learning@Cisco is launching a range of innovative technical education products and assessments. Challenging online games that test core networking skills, specialized e-learning courses complete with online labs that feature the latest Cisco technologies, and self-assessments are now available on the Cisco Learning Network.

Cisco Mind Share Game: Students Learn as They Play
To meet the learning needs of tomorrow’s network professionals, Cisco has launched its most comprehensive serious game yet, the “Mind Share Game,” available through the Cisco Learning Network Store.

The “Mind Share Game” plays like the latest video and computer games on the market; yet, because it’s based on the concepts and curriculum that make up over half of the content covered in the Cisco CCENT certification, it is also a valuable study tool.

The Cisco Mind Share Game features 75 game stages and covers more than 15 topics including Media Access Control (MAC) addressing, switch behavior and Internet Protocol subnetting.

Flexible E-Learning Courses
Learning@Cisco e-learning courses deliver premium online Cisco technical education curriculum, featuring the latest Cisco technologies and online labs.

Each course focuses on a single topic and includes a lecture, student self-assessment and an option to access online labs to practice course exercises.

Learning@Cisco e-learning courses are available in a subscription model featuring flexible delivery technologies to support the full range of formal and on-demand learning needs of today’s IT professional.

Cisco 360 Learning Program: Essentials for CCIE Routing and Switching Certifications
Students and professionals can purchase the popular Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching in a new format at substantial cost savings.

Developed for networking professionals in need of core technical education in the advanced area of routing and switching, the Essentials package offers the full benefit of the program’s blended-learning approach.

The Essentials package is available through the Cisco Learning Network Store.

The Path Forward: Learning@Cisco Self -Assessments
Learning@Cisco Self-Assessments, available mid-April 2009, are a fast, free and effective way to measure networking knowledge and competencies in Cisco technologies.

Assessment results guide users to recommended learning services and guidance found only on the Cisco Learning Network. Self-Assessments are available for a range of Cisco technologies, including routing and switching, voice, security and wireless.

“With over 9 million page views since its launch in June 2008, the Cisco Learning Network is quickly becoming an important tool for education and collaboration in the Cisco community,” said Jeanne Beliveau Dunn, general manager of Learning@Cisco.

“As network technology rapidly evolves, demand will continue to grow for qualified individuals with the skills and experience to build, troubleshoot and repair networks and infrastructure. These new deployments will support the learning and development of current and future network professionals.”

The Cisco Learning Network is a collaborative social-learning community designed to provide Cisco Career Certification training resources and exam preparation tools. The Web 2.0 community platform gives members the ability to share expertise and directly engage with IT professionals, people pursuing a career in IT and Cisco.

Learning@Cisco addresses the need for technical talent across the globe for Cisco customers and partners, and network professionals worldwide by providing the resources, training, certifications and consulting services that address the global networking skills talent gap and accelerate productivity, opportunity and growth. 

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