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Mobile learning is a core feature of Echelon&rsquo;s stand (No. 85) at this month&rsquo;s Learning Technologies exhibition and seminar being held January 30-31 at Olympia 2, London. <br /> <br />Twelve mobile learning tools benefiting customer service operatives (CSOs) in their jobs at the recently reopened St Pancras International station are shown on the LCD screen of an attention-grabbing giant mobile phone.<br /> <br />Echelon has been recruiting and supporting the CSOs in their jobs as part of its successful work with London & Continental Rail, the company tasked with overseeing the transformation of the landmark London site. <br /> <br />Also featured at the show will be a new generation of online qualification-based university and professional learning materials developed for professional bodies, business schools and blue-chip businesses.<br /> <br />A specific example is Echelon&rsquo;s Web-based Urban Design Skills (UDS) learning, commissioned by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) as a central resource for universities and institutes participating in the government sponsored &lsquo;Pathway to Professions&rsquo; initiative. <br /> <br />”The major cost in developing blended or distance learning courses for CPD, diploma, certificate or master&rsquo;s qualifications lies in content development and its editing,” explained Echelon Director David Hill.<br /> <br />”However, being split eight ways between the universities and institutes involved, with centralized editing and Web-based distribution, origination costs for Echelon UDS learning are markedly lower.”<br /> <br />Publishing is via a proprietary content management system offering a capability for interactive questions and hidden feedback and a rapid and cost-effective means of editing and updating. <br /> <br />Distribution is via a lite learning management system that allows for storage, search and usage tracking capabilities via the Web. <br /> <br />The two case studies above demonstrate the scope for the professional learning design and publishing services that Echelon offers. <br /> <br />Anything from learning delivered by PDAs to a blend of proprietary and generic content for qualification, CPD and performance support published in text and/or electronically. <br /> <br />Echelon clients include institutes such as the RTPI, CIPS and the IIA; business schools and universities (Ashridge, Southbank University, Westminster Kingsway College); and corporate clients including BUPA, Moat and Vodafone. <br />

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