Learning Paths International Announces New Partnerships

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<p><strong>Mississauga, Ontario &mdash; Sept. 20</strong><br />Steve Rosenbaum, Learning Paths International president, has announced the opening of two strategic partnerships in Canada and the United Kingdom to provide clients there with the advantage of a local consulting team.  </p><p>Arupa Tesolin of Intuita heads the Canadian Office, operating out of Toronto, with U.K. partner Richard Kenney of The Sales Architects operating from Edinburgh, Scotland. </p><p>The Learning Paths International team has completed both national and international projects to date involving more than 400 functions for 20,000 employees in seven countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Phillipines and India. </p><p>The Learning Paths International consulting team is made up of experienced senior trainers who have training backgrounds from some of North America&#39;s top companies, including G.E., Ceridian, Disney, Saint Gobain, the Ontario Government and United Health.   <br /> <br />The Learning Paths approach is winning accolades from companies who are reducing the time to get employees up to speed by 30 percent or more. </p><p>Financial benefits of reduced start-up time are significant and link directly to increased productivity, reduced errors, lower turnover and higher morale, all important at a time when companies are struggling with issues in retaining talent, skilled staff and high turnover. </p><p>The Learning Paths International approach integrates change management, process improvement and accelerated learning into a revolutionary fast-track training process, often reducing years of learning into months and months to weeks. </p><p>A Learning Paths Certification Program will be available in early 2008 to train internal consultants on how to implement Learning Path methodologies in their organization with options for Project team consulting support from the Learning Paths International team.</p>

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