Learning Light Expands Professional Services Team

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<p><strong>Sheffield, England &mdash; July 17</strong><br />Learning Light (LL), a nonprofit that specializes in the use of learning technologies in the workplace, has expanded its professional services team with the addition of three organizational effectiveness consultants.</p><p>They are:</p><ul><li><strong>Rich Butters</strong>, a learning and development and learning technologies specialist. Butters is a senior consultant of organizational effectiveness within LL&#39;s professional services team.</li></ul><p><br />With moret than 10 years&#39; experience in the telecommunication sector, Butters has worked for the world&#39;s largest supplier of telecoms equipment and consulting services, providing operationally focused learning solutions to customers and staff across the Middle East and West Africa.<br /><br />Until joining LL, he led national and international learning and development functions, and he was a consultant for Mobile Telecom Networks (MTN Nigeria) and Orange (Thailand).<br /><br />Butters is working with LL clients to target solutions that meet their unique business needs, paying particular attention to the context of each organization&#39;s learning requirement and how this fits into the overall learning strategy from both the learner&#39;s career progression and the client&#39;s commercial standpoint.</p><ul><li><strong>Glynn Jung</strong>, a highly experienced senior consultant with more than 30 years&#39; experience in the learning industry. Since 2003, he has been engaged as an independent consultant, helping training organizations to develop new markets, products and services and leading strategic learning initiatives.</li></ul>Before that, Jung had worked for 18 years with what was Thomson NETg as manager of field consulting, head of SAP practice and head of special projects 2003.<p>Focusing on learning strategy and development, business impact, managerial coaching and leadership development, project management, change management, emotional resilience, dysfunctional team repair and CPD programs, Jung&#39;s experience embraces the full learning and development life cycle through to assessment and evaluation. </p><p>He has developed or managed more than 400 courses, covering induction to executive leadership, principally in e-learning or blended learning formats.<br /><br />Jung has successfully driven strategic learning and development programs for clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and South Africa.</p><ul><li><strong>Gillian Broadhead</strong>,<strong> </strong>now an organizational effectiveness consultant at LL, has worked in the learning and development functions of BT and Royal Mail. Lately, Broadhead has been a learning consultant to small and midsized businesses. Broadhead has an in-depth knowledge of designing learning paths that support the development and performance of employees, aligning learning to the operational and strategic demands of business, as well as using technology and blended learning options to meet the challenges faced by organizations undergoing major change.</li></ul><p>&quot;The appointment of Glynn, Rich and Gillian to Learning Light&#39;s professional services team will help drive the business forward,&quot; CEO Mark Pittaway said. &quot;Between them, they have a wealth of experience in the learning sector and widespread sector knowledge that will prove invaluable to organizations striving to improve business performance through learning technologies and learning and development.&quot;</p>

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