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<p><strong>Sheffield, England &mdash; Aug. 15</strong><br />Learning Light , a nonprofit center of excellence in the use of learning technologies in the workplace, is helping U.K. schools discover the next generation of this country&rsquo;s sporting talent through the application of e-learning technology.<br /><br />Learning Light has helped Xoolon, an e-learning business, launch the Xoolon Sports and Fitness Academy, a revolutionary sports portal designed to improve primary and secondary schoolchildren&rsquo;s sporting prowess and lead to better targeted teaching. </p><p>Launched in July, the service is being piloted by schools around the country.<br /><br />Physical education (PE) staff use Xoolon to evaluate pupils&rsquo; key mental and physical strengths. </p><p>The system pinpoints those sports most suited to individuals and highlights &quot;gifted and talented,&quot; as well as low-ability students. <br /><br />The portal also offers the PE department its own customisable online space to access ability assessment, communication tools, bulletin space, advice on health and educational resources and a comprehensive database of local clubs and facilities.<br /><br />&ldquo;The Xoolon sports portal combines ICT and education across the curriculum,&rdquo; David Patterson of Learning Light said. &ldquo;It dovetails with nutrition and Healthy Schools initiatives, maths (in graphical representations of PE results) and biology (analysis of sports moves and impact on body) and can boost overall grading in many areas of Ofsted inspections, including quality ICT resources, PE and the overall health and happiness of the school.<br /><br />&ldquo;Xoolon&rsquo;s sporting concept is stunning, and with the preparation for the 2012 Olympics already under way, it really shows some innovative thinking which could easily pay off in terms of Olympic medals and other international sporting accolades. Learning Light has used its pool of associates to source additional help and expertise for Xoolon.&quot; <br /><br />An all-around appraisal through a series of physical and mental tests entered onto online &quot;Xoolometers&quot; identifies to which six sports children are best suited, making PE fun for everyone and allowing teachers to gain better knowledge of their students&rsquo; abilities.<br /><br />Pupils and their mentors complete a sports psychology or &quot;mental toughness&quot; test developed with Sheffield Hallam University to identify mental strengths and weaknesses, areas of development and to which sports or positions (such as striker or goalkeeper) children are best suited. </p><p>The total &quot;Xooscore&quot; collates each child&rsquo;s mental and physical competencies, allowing teachers to record results accurately against national curriculum standards.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /><br />Children can print a certificate from the Web site, showing which sports (from athletics to lacrosse, rugby, tennis and water skiing) are their top three, providing a useful confidence boost for those unsure of their sporting abilities. </p><p>The portal also provides easily accessible links to local sports clubs and facilities, fostering School Sports Partnerships and better links with the community and making it straightforward for pupils to continue their activities outside school hours.<br /><br />Access to the Xoolon Sports and Fitness Academy for an entire school is free to all feeder primaries and can be gained via a one off setup fee for secondary schools. </p><p>For a per-seat annual sum, Xoolon can also offer easy integration into a range of ten framework virtual learning environments which support the National Curriculum within schools.</p>

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