Learning Guide Solutions Provides Integrated Salesforce.com Performance Support Solution

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<strong>Rochester, N.Y. </strong><br />LearningGuide Solutions, providing Electronic Performance Support Solution (EPSS) to organizations, which immediately delivers tiered support to employee&#39;s current workplace questions and challenges, announced a product integration that will help users maximize their investment with Salesforce.com. <br /><br />The performance support solution, embedded into the Salesforce.com software, offers context-based instruction to enable sales professionals to self-service their support needs. The solution simplifies many functions that can dramatically affect productivity within Salesforce.com, such as forecasting, customer reporting and collaboration &mdash; all from within the application. <br /><br />"Salesforce.com is a world-class CRM tool; it is the very definition of the industry standard," said Greg Driscoll, president of LearningGuide Solutions. "However, our research shows that many end users do not fully utilize the application, resulting in a less than anticipated return on investment."<br /><br />The LearningGuide Performance Support Solution helps companies make better use of Salesforce.com. Users are taught how to complete tasks using their own data with multiple levels of support all within the context of Salesforce.com.<br /><br />For the past 10 to 15 years, the learning industry has been concerned with how to deliver better training to employees. The goals should focus on the employee&#39;s long-term knowledge and understanding, rather than the short-term retention of information.<br /><br />"The biggest threat in sales productivity is time lost to activities that aren&#39;t directly involved in the selling process," added Driscoll. "LearningGuide Solutions&#39; performance-enhancing tools for Salesforce.com can reduce lost time, increase the users&#39; desire and ability to use the program to its full potential and allow them to do what they do best: sell."<br />

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