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These practice test questions from MeasureUp are based on CompTIA’s exam 220-603: Remote Support Technician.

The audience for this exam includes individuals who are in the early stages of a career in information technology (IT). This includes positions such as help-desk technicians, call-center technicians and technicians who support users at remote locations. Experience with installing, configuring, supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software will help you prepare for this exam. Pass the 220-603 and the 220-601 and earn the CompTIA Remote Support Technician certification.

Objective: Operating systems.
Sub-objective: Perform preventative maintenance on personal computer components.

Single answer, multiple-choice

Which disk utility provides the best way to improve disk performance?

B.    FDISK.


Defragmenting a hard drive reorganizes all the files into contiguous sectors on the disk. This improves disk performance because the system can recover a file in fewer revolutions of the disk.

Both CHKDSK and SCANDISK can identify and correct disk errors, but neither will improve disk access times. CHKDSK is used by Windows NT family platforms, while SCANDISK is found in Windows 9x family of operating systems. Both perform the same function.

FDISK is a disk partitioning utility used in the initial setup of a hard drive. It creates the Master Boot Record required by the operating system. It does not affect disk performance.

Preventive Maintenance
Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 14th Edition
Chapter 23

Troubleshooting storage…



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