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These questions are based on 836: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Developing Web Applications
A Self Test Software Practice Test

Objective: Application architecture.
Sub-objective: Designing Web applications that read non-Domino data.

Single answer, multiple-choice

Which design element can use LotusScript in a Web application?

A.    An Action element.
B.    An Event element.
C.    A Hotspot element.
D.    An Agent element.


You can use LotusScript in a Web application only when using it with an Agent design element. A Web Agent can retrieve data from servers, which are non-Domino servers, over the Internet. A Web Agent cannot be executed within a Web browser. However, it can be executed from a Web browser; when this occurs, the Web Agent runs in the back end on the Lotus Domino server.

Although you can use LotusScript to write an Event, Hotspot or Action element, you cannot use LotusScript with these design elements when you are using them in a Web browser.


Domino Designer 8 Help > Programming Domino For Web Applications > Web agents

Objective: Design elements.
Sub-objective: Create, modify and troubleshoot views for Web clients.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You created a form, and now you want to embed View elements based on certain conditions in this form. Each View element should be displayed in the same way to Notes clients and to Web-browser users. However, you want to ensure you will be able to display a different embedded view in the…



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