Learn About CompTIA Exam SY0-201: Security+ 2008 Edition

The following are questions from MeasureUp’s Practice Test to help you prepare for CompTIA Exam SY0-201: Security+ 2008 Edition.

The audience for this exam includes individuals who have at least two years of experience supporting and securing computers and networks. This exam covers the following topics that were not addressed in the original exam, Security+ 2007 Edition (SY0-101): implementing virtualization technologies, using security and monitoring tools appropriately, using logical and physical access control methods to secure computing resources and performing vulnerability assessments. Also, exam SY0-201 focuses more on performing tasks required to secure and defend computers, devices and networks than on merely identifying security-related issues and understanding basic security-related concepts.

Passing SY0-201 earns a candidate one of the certifications required by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) directive 8570.1. This directive mandates that both DOD employees and contractors who work with the DOD on any security-related initiative must receive proper training and earn one or more security-related certifications.

Note: You may also use these questions to prepare for CompTIA’s Security+ Bridge Exam, BR0-001.

Objective: Assessments and audits.
Sub-objective: Within the realm of vulnerability assessments, explain the proper use of penetration testing vs. vulnerability scanning.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You are configuring security for a network that is isolated from the Internet by a perimeter network. Three Web servers and a network intrusion detection system (NIDS) are deployed in the perimeter network. You need to test the network’s ability to detect and respond to a denial of service…



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