Learn About Cisco IP Telephony for Release 4.x

The following are questions from MeasureUp’s Practice Test for the Cisco exam 642-444: Cisco IP Telephony for Release 4.x (CIPT-4.x). By passing this exam, you earn credit toward the Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) certification .

The audience for this exam includes individuals who are responsible for installing, configuring and supporting Voice over IP (VoIP)-related and public switched telephone network (PSTN)-related products. Experience working with Cisco's Unified CallManager will help you prepare for this exam.

Objective: Perform an installation and initial set up of a CallManager cluster.
Sub-objective: Configure DCHP, TFTP and NTP.

Multiple answers, multiple-choice

Users report they can no longer make or receive calls. You log in to the CallManager and see that all services are functional. While troubleshooting, the server administrator informs you that the company DNS server is down. You verify that the DHCP scope is configured to send option 66, but the phones are still not working. What can you do to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure the IP address of the primary cluster member manually on each phone.
B.    Perform a power reset to each phone.
C.    Force a failover to the secondary cluster member.
D.    Stop and start the Cisco CallManager service.
E.    Configure the DHCP server with option 150.

 A, E

You should configure the DHCP server with option 150. All phones need to know which Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server to contact to receive their configuration file. Option 66 provides…



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