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<p><strong>San Jose, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 26</strong><br />Xactly Corporation, a provider of on-demand sales performance management, announced that Xactly and Xactly Incent are profiled in a new report from leading market analyst firm IDC titled, “Worldwide Sales Incentive Compensation Management Applications 2007 Vendor Profiles: State-of-the-Market Viewpoint and Future Market Predictions.” (IDC No. 209053, October 2007) The report advises buyers to consider Xactly, stating “Xactly should be included on any shortlist for on-demand or managed services sales incentive compensation management because it looks to become a strong, competent player in the sector.” The IDC report can be accessed at<br /><br />”The sales incentive compensation management market is quickly accelerating, as businesses come to realize the vital link that incentive compensation applications can create between back-office processes and customer-facing operations,” said Mary Wardley, research vice president of CRM applications at IDC. “Increasingly, complex compensation programs crying out for automation, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance pressures, and the advent of software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solutions that are affordable for a wide range of companies are all helping to drive the market&#39;s growth. Sales incentive compensation management helps companies align selling strategies to corporate business objectives and has a measurable impact on execution.”<br /><br />The IDC report defines the incentive sales compensation market to include sales incentive compensation plan design and modeling, quota management, territory management, data aggregation and integrated analytics. The report provides detailed profiles of companies delivering incentive sales compensation management solutions, the future outlook of the market and essential guidance for buyers. The report also advises that leading incentive sales compensation management vendors focus on key vertical markets, have a deep ecosystem of partners with complementary offerings including CRM, and provide rich analytics and data management.<br /><br />”IDC&#39;s comprehensive report signals that the market for sales incentive compensation management is advancing quickly, as companies look to accelerate their sales performance to drive revenue growth and profits,” said Karen Steele, Xactly vice president of marketing. “Xactly combines an on-demand and managed service offering for sales incentive compensation management with rich analytics and deep integration with CRM applications like Salesforce to influence and motivate sales behavior. Xactly helps companies improve operational performance, optimize sales effectiveness, proactively manage risk and compliance, and maximize profits.”<br /><br />Xactly provides a 100 percent on-demand delivery model that is cost-effective and rapidly implemented by companies of all sizes across a variety of vertical markets. Xactly extends this offering to an outsourced delivery model for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) that have no internal compensation resources and prefer to outsource their incentive compensation function to Xactly for operational efficiency.<br /><br />Xactly&#39;s flagship application, Xactly Incent, is a Web-based solution that enables sales, finance and HR professionals to improve sales effectiveness and maximize profits. Xactly Incent is frequently at the center of a company&#39;s sales performance management program. Companies use Xactly Incent to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize a sales compensation management program to the specific needs of their businesses. Xactly&#39;s product strategy and road map deliver the industry&#39;s most comprehensive sales performance management suite from a single vendor, focused on automating several key business processes for finance and sales, including sales incentive compensation, analytics, modeling, quota and territory management, price management and forecast/planning.<br /><br />Xactly Incent Managed Service is a business process outsourcing service of the Xactly Incent sales compensation management solution. It provides (SMBs) an affordable option for automating critical sales compensation management functions and leveraging incentive compensation to their competitive advantage. Xactly Incent Managed Service allows these companies to outsource a portion of or the complete compensation management function, leveraging Xactly&#39;s on-demand technology and domain expertise as well as the knowledge of experienced compensation specialists. </p>

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