Lead Applications Developer: The IT Ambassador

Picture, for a minute, a scene at the United Nations: You’ve got each different country represented by an ambassador, with each ambassador bringing the insight and perspective of his or her people to the table.

Now, translate this scenario to the workplace. If a company represents the world and the various departments within the company are the countries, a lead applications developer would be the IT department’s ambassador. The person in this job role typically represents projects from an engineering perspective and communicates the status and plans to outside teams, said Matthew Konda, senior architect at Trustwave, a provider of data security and payment card industry compliance management solutions.

“[Lead applications developers] need to be able to participate, in detail, in a cross-department process while effectively leading the technical development of the actual project,” Konda said.

In addition, a lead applications developer should be able to receive input from both his technical and nontechnical counterparts.

“They are, in many ways, a key hub of knowledge and communication, which can be instrumental in forging successful alliances across business divisions — from [quality assurance] to IT to marketing to product management,” Konda said. “The lead applications developer often needs to build subject matter expertise to effectively communicate with stakeholders and ensure that the requirements are being met.”

Some organizations delegate additional responsibilities to people in this job role. At Trustwave, for instance, the lead applications developer also takes on the role of key project planner.

“[Our] philosophy is that the…

Deanna Hartley


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