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<p><b>St. Paul, Minn. &mdash; Feb. 27</b><br/>Lawson Software has partnered with Enwisen to integrate on-demand workforce communications applications into the Lawson Human Capital Management suite. </p><p>Through the partnership, Enwisen&rsquo;s AnswerSource Knowledge Center &mdash; an integrated suite of HR knowledge and decision-support applications that also include AnswerSource Total Rewards and AnswerSource Onboarding &mdash; will be offered to both new and existing Lawson customers, providing users an enhanced experience through the integration of HR transactions and in-context communications and decision support. &nbsp;</p> <p>The personalization capability of AnswerSource allows employees to see only information that is relevant to them. </p><p>When used in context with Lawson transactions, this capability helps employees experience self-service. For example, employees can view and compare health plans during the enrollment process, seeing only the options under their eligibility.</p> <p>&ldquo;As part of delivering HR programs and services, we set out to build a dynamic, scalable employee portal that would help associates be informed and effective when completing the entire range of hire-to-retire work-life events,&rdquo; said Chad Flynn, Hannaford Bros. Co. manager of learning. &ldquo;The integration of Lawson Human Capital Management and Enwisen&rsquo;s AnswerSource Knowledge Center has allowed us to build a world-class portal that is helping Hannaford increase its use of self-service solutions, successfully onboard new hires, help associates become more informed benefits consumers, increase line manager effectiveness and reduce calls to HR.&rdquo;</p> <p>More than 1,000 companies use Lawson Human Capital Management applications to automate administrative HR processes and help HR staff focus on more strategic, value-added employee initiatives. </p><p>Lawson Human Capital Management applications provide organizations with the information they need to maximize workforce potential while helping HR leaders contribute to organizational excellence with applications that directly support business operations. </p> <p>&ldquo;Lawson&rsquo;s solutions are designed to be cost-effective and simpler to own, implement and use &mdash; core values shared by Enwisen,&rdquo; said Larry Dunivan, Lawson vice president of global human capital management products. &ldquo;Now, by adding Enwisen&rsquo;s communications and decision support to our Human Capital Management suite, we help our customers maximize the value of their Lawson investments and enhance the suite with innovations such as the Enwisen onboarding application.&rdquo;</p> <p>More than 1,000 companies also use Enwisen&rsquo;s AnswerSource Knowledge Center &mdash; an integrated suite of on-demand HR communications &mdash; to improve service and communications to employees, attract and retain talent, become more informed benefits consumers, increase manager effectiveness and create more dynamic employee portals.</p> <p>&ldquo;The partnership between Lawson and Enwisen allows customers to improve the effectiveness of workforce applications and effectively manage compliance and company procedures,&rdquo; said DJ Chhabra, Enwisen senior vice president. &ldquo;We are extremely pleased about this strategic relationship with Lawson and excited about what it brings to existing and new customers.&rdquo;</p>

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