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<p><strong>Geneseo, Kan. &mdash; July 6</strong><br /><br />Super Win Software has released Design Your Keys, a Windows productivity application that lets you work faster and easier by customizing more than 20 keys on your computer keyboard. Design Your Keys lets you redefine the Function keys and nine other keys that you rarely use. By pressing a single key, you can visit your favorite Web site, run an often-used program, hibernate or shut down the computer, check your e-mail, play a game, or perform a wide variety of computer tasks, simple and complex.<br /><br />Unlike complicated macros programs that require you to learn a scripting language, Design Your Keys is designed for nontechnical people who want to streamline their computing time. Simply select a Function key or Keypad key, choose from one of 30 preset actions, and Design Your Keys will customize that key to perform the new function.<br /><br />Businesspeople can use Design Your Keys to create a library of standard text responses that you use to answer inquiries from prospects and clients. Rather than typing the same information each time you&#39;re asked a question, you can press a single key and paste the response into your e-mails. Text snippets can be a few words, or many pages.<br /><br />Design Your Keys provides a quicker and easier way to do common tasks. Some Windows users turn to Shortcuts to quickly launch a program. But with Shortcuts, you have to find the icon on your desktop or Start menu each time you want to use it. With Design Your Keys, simply press a key and the job is done. Some Windows users use links to quickly visit a Web site. But they have to go to their list of links, select the right one, and click it. With Design Your Keys, you simply press a key and your Web site is launched.<br /><br />Whether you&#39;re a businessperson who wants to be able to paste prewritten text snippets into your e-mails by pressing a single key, a student who needs to create instant links to often-used programs and Web sites, or a home computer user who wants to make the computer run more efficiently, Design Your Keys has the tools that you need. </p>

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