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Metuchen, N.J. — Nov. 7
Applied Research Corporation, a leadership development consulting company, announced the availability of its latest professional services offering, the Sales Leader Pathway, a five-step, comprehensive suite of assessment instruments and development activities that help emerging managers successfully lead sales teams into the field.

Qualified and diverse leaders are always in high demand, and the cost of not having a ready pipeline of leadership talent can be a barrier to a company’s growth. Applied Research has developed its Sales Leader Pathway to help companies build better sales managers faster through the use of early identification, development planning, early assessment and realistic job preview, building skills sets, and readiness assessment.

Jan Margolis, president and co-founder of Applied Research, commented, “At Applied Research, we understand that being a great salesperson doesn’t always translate into being a great sales manager. We developed the Sales Leader Pathway to help organizations ensure that the right people are placed in the right management roles.”

The five components of the Sales Leader Pathway include the Sales Leader Pathfinder, an efficient, early stage discovery tool that identifies an individual’s management potential and problem-solving styles; the Sales Leader Pilot, a development-planning workshop that teaches participants how to actively seek out and use feedback and effectively leverage their strengths; the Sales Leader Beacon, an early assessment process that exposes potential managers to the realities of the job through simulations; the Sales Leader Skill Steps, a series of workshops based on Applied Research’s proven coaching model; and the Sales Leader Gateway, a one-day assessment that identifies “ready now” potential by using a computer-based, interactive simulation.

“Today’s business leaders do not have the time or expendable resources to lose ground with the wrong candidate. Applied Research’s Sales Leader Pathway helps eliminate those possibilities by identifying the best potential sales leaders,” added Margolis.

Companies interested in this powerful, five-step tool can select the entire Sales Leader Pathway program, customize it to their company’s specific needs or combine the Pathway’s configurable, stand-alone components to make existing management development programs run more effectively.

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