Konica Minolta Expands Sports Marketing Effort

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<p><strong> Jacksonville, Fla. &mdash; Oct. 3</strong><br />Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., a provider of imaging and networking technologies, has extended its affiliation with premier sporting events in becoming the new title sponsor of the annual Gator Bowl Classic.  </p><p>The agreement extends from the 2008 through the 2010 Gator Bowl Classic.  Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.<br /> <br />&ldquo;As a leading international organization, it&rsquo;s important to be associated with the pedigree and history of events such as the Gator Bowl,&rdquo; said Kevin Kern, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. vice president of product planning and marketing. &ldquo;Our sports marketing initiatives have proven to be very effective in building brand awareness, and we&rsquo;re looking to take that to a higher level.&rdquo;</p><p>Rick Catlett, Gator Bowl Association president, echoed the sentiment.</p><p>&ldquo;Our goal in partnering with a new sponsor was to associate ourselves with a distinguished international company while maintaining the characteristics that make the Gator Bowl unique,&rdquo; Catlett said. &ldquo;They&rsquo;ve brought an exciting new partnership to the association while respecting the history and tradition of the event.&rdquo;</p>

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