Kongsberg Achieves Achilles Level 1 Cyber Security

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<p><strong>Vancouver, Canada &mdash; Sept. 29<br /></strong>Wurldtech Security Technologies, a provider of cyberrisk and compliance management solutions for industrial automation industries worldwide, announced that the KONGSBERG AIM 8.2 RCU501 industrial controller as been awarded the Achilles Level 1 Cyber Security Certification from Wurldtech Labs.<br /><br />The Achilles Certification Program presents device manufacturers with an independently verified result from which to demonstrate the quality, reliability and security of their industrial Ethernet control systems to customers, while providing the end user with the most complete, accurate and trustworthy information possible on the security posture of their deployed products.<br /><br />”Operators of critical process automation systems are demanding the highest levels of safety, security and reliability when deploying new industrial Ethernet networks,” stated Solve Raaen, product manager of Kongsberg Maritime. </p><p>”By integrating the Achilles Certification requirements into our internal QA testing processes, Kongsberg is well-positioned to continue providing customers in the offshore oil and gas, marine transportation, defense and aerospace industries with automation technology that conforms with industry accepted cybersecurity benchmarks for performance.”<br /><br />The Achilles Certification Program is also an important worldwide evaluation standard for many of the world&#39;s largest end users of SCADA and industrial control systems with the brand now trusted and recognized as a selection criteria in many internal vendor procurement documents. </p><p>As the 10th controller to be awarded Level 1 Certification, the Kongsberg Maritime AIM 8.2 controller RCU501 reinforces the increasing industry adoption of the Achilles Certification Program among suppliers and operators of mission-critical automation systems.<br /><br />”We congratulate Kongsberg for achieving Achilles Level 1 Certification for their RCU501,” said Tyler Williams, president and CEO of Wurldtech Security Technologies. “By demonstrating compliance with the most demanding cybersecurity performance standards available today, their customers can be confident the RCU501 will help improve their internal security posture and reduce cyberrisk exposure that could cause downtime or disruption of their industrial operations.”<br /><br />The Achilles Certification Program was developed in 2007 to provide a benchmark for the development and deployment of secure industrial Ethernet devices by testing control process resilience and robustness under real-world conditions and validating that operational integrity is not jeopardized. </p><p>The Achilles Certification testing methodology employed by Wurldtech Labs is the result of more than two years of research, industry cooperation and end-user feedback. The testing includes attacks targeting hundreds of medium- to high-severity vulnerabilities, numerous complex evasion techniques, denial-of-service attacks and latency requirements.<br /></p>

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