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KnowledgeNet, the worldwide leader in LIVE learning, announced that it has built a custom online training course to support the IEEE Computer Society’s Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) examination. Now IEEE can deliver information about software design certification to its rapidly growing audience, allowing them to easily access information on best practices and standards for software design. The CSDP program was designed as a professional certification for mid-level engineers, developers, project managers and other professionals as a means of promoting career development and providing a respected credential program to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

CSDP training was previously provided in instructor-led format, but the need to deploy training globally meant that flying instructors around the world to deliver training was not economically or logistically feasible. Additionally, IEEE wanted a Web-based solution that it could access 24×7 over various network environments in multiple countries. KnowledgeNet created a deliverable that was Web-based, uses roughly 100 to 150 words per screen and contains animation and voiceover components to support text in the training course. Using 40 to 50 words per minute, one single thought is illustrated with information that allows the student to interact and not get bored during several hours of training.


“Their budget would not support a full, robust fully interactive course, so we built this hybrid for them,” said Greg Adams-Woodford, manager of professional services, KnowledgeNet. “It’s outside of our typical development strategy, but we were able to work with them to make it happen, and they were very happy at the end of the day with the deliverable.”


Other challenges came in the beginning stages of development. The original IEEE subject-matter experts and instructors expressed skepticism that KnowledgeNet could understand enough about the content to create an instructionally sound Web-based training program through essentially a remote consultative process. “They called it ‘black magic’ that we were able to do this initially, but over the course of a few months we were able to design the deliverable, do all of the beta testing and create something they were quite happy with in a few months time period,” said Adams-Woodford. “If you’re working with academics or if you’re working with subject matter experts who are very close to this content, who actually developed this content originally, they have very specific and strong ideas about this training, the methodology, the framework and the theory behind it. When you bring four of those individuals together, managing the discussions within the timeline that we had so that they could have healthy debate but at the same time give us the information that we needed to create the content, it was really a challenge. It was a great time because you had the old guard and the new guard and the challenges, and they were going back and forth. But in the end, they worked through all of their issues and came to a consensus on what needed to be in the training.”


“We serve more than 100,000 members throughout North America and in seven other countries, so the ability to offer engaging, effective and easily accessible training is imperative,” said Stacy Saul, continuing education coordinator, IEEE. “The CSDP course KnowledgeNet has created allows us to provide certification training in a convenient, interactive format that we already know our members enjoy.”


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