Knowledge Infusion Announces Digital HR Consulting Service

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<strong>New York &mdash; April 17</strong><br />Knowledge Infusion, a consulting authority on human resources, talent management and emerging technology solutions, launched its Digital HR Consulting Service. The Digital HR services will help organizations tie together new and emerging technology, also known as Web 2.0, with HR and business performance strategies. <br /><br />Knowledge Infusion Digital HR services cover the span of workforce-facing initiatives that HR has been focusing on the for the past 10 years &mdash; including employee and manager self-service, intranets and portals &mdash; and combine them with today&#39;s consumer-based technologies such as wikis, blogs, social networking and other Web 2.0 technologies, as well as on-demand delivery models of HR and talent management applications. The result is a holistic approach and strategy that takes into account all digital HR components to push, pull, interact and collaborate with the workforce of today. <br /><br />"The majority of people entering the workforce are digital natives who are accustomed to using a wide range of Internet technologies, including those that are not yet mainstream in many businesses," said President of Knowledge Infusion Heidi Spirgi. "Organizations must understand how to embrace and integrate new technologies to manage the up and coming Millennials that live and breathe and will expect to work with new collaborative technologies. Employers who welcome, rather than fear, the power of emerging technologies will lead in attracting and retaining the top new talent." <br /><br />"We have seen an incredible demand for services that link past practices commonly found in ERP, HR and payroll solutions with technologies of today. This new service combines the proven methodology of HCM Strategy services that have been delivered and executed on by over 120 global organizations in the past three years, with a deep-rooted understanding and knowledge about how emerging technologies will revolutionize the workforce into the future," said Jason Averbook, CEO of Knowledge Infusion. "The mid to late 1990s were the years of transactional excellence. The early to mid-2000s were the years to automate talent management processes. We see the next wave of innovation and evolution tied to engaging the workforce through new and somewhat disruptive technologies." <br /><br />Knowledge Infusion will host a KnowledgeCast, delivered through the Knowledge Infusion Center of Excellence, on May 7 at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT to further discuss the importance of a Digital HR Strategy. <br />

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