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<p><strong>Bellevue, Wash. &mdash; June 19</strong><br />Even more dramatic than the introduction of e-learning might be the effect the continued growth and evolution of e-learning has had on a variety of fields in the last decade. </p><p>Since 1997, e-learning has grown in popularity and evolved into an invaluable tool used in everything from business to education. </p><p>E-learning today provides efficient, effective ways to bring employees the product knowledge and sales skills they need to succeed. </p><p>Ten years ago, the e-learning market did not exist, and today the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth more than $50 billion.<br /><br />The streamlined efficiency of online training drastically reduces or eliminates the need to take salespeople out of the field to attend classroom training, enabling them to spend less time training and more time selling. </p><p>In the pre-Google days, when a decent laptop cost at least $2,000, e-learning already was establishing itself as a time- and cost-effective tool for myriad purposes. </p><p>Today, e-learning has changed the way people learn, with high technology providing an irreplaceable mode of accessing and gaining knowledge. </p><p>Ten years ago, most students filed in to a lecture hall, and today about 3.2 million students took at least one online course from a degree-granting institution during the 2005 term, according to the Sloan Consortium. </p><p>These students reflect the future corporate training, which will expect online training and blog-supported knowledge along with quality in-person collaboration to learn how to do their jobs.<br /><br />Companies such as Knowledge Anywhere have taken this mode and applied it to employee training. Companies now use e-learning methods to develop talent and measure results and improvement in their employees.<br /><br />&ldquo;It&rsquo;s an age-old question in business: How does a company maximize training and education for the largest number of its employees or sales force?&rdquo; Knowledge Anywhere CEO Charlie Gillette said. &ldquo;As face-to-face training costs continue to skyrocket, and company budgets are squeezed, as workforces are increasingly spread across wide regions of the country, and as more and more co-workers work out of home-based offices, the need for effective training demands innovative solutions. </p><p>&quot;Knowledge Anywhere has developed a wide range of successful online-learning programs that are helping companies increase sales and effectiveness with virtual Web-based programs that provide far more than just the delivery of flat content and static information.&rdquo; &nbsp;<br /><br />Ten years ago, nearly all corporate training was in person or limited to sending a thick binder, which no one read. </p><p>Today, more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have implemented some kind of e-learning, according to Forrester.<br /><br />One of Knowledge Anywhere&rsquo;s clients, Lawson Products Inc., has employed e-learning to dramatically change the way it trains its employees and sales agents. </p><p>Lawson is an international leader in the sales and distribution of systems, services and products for the industrial, commercial and institutional maintenance, repair and replacement marketplace. </p><p>In 2003, when Lawson began exploring e-learning opportunities with Knowledge Anywhere, it could not have imagined the positive impact it would have on revenue and the way they deliver knowledge. </p>

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