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<p><strong>Bellevue, Wash. &mdash; July 31</strong><br />Knowledge Anywhere, a provider of e-learning solutions, has launched its Quest Express learning solution. </p><p>Quest Express is a low-risk, low cost-of-entry e-learning solution for small to midsized companies interested in providing training to their employees.<br /><br />&ldquo;Quest Express offers companies better and more cost-effective support than ever for their e-learning projects,&rdquo; said Charlie Gillette, Knowledge Anywhere CEO. &ldquo;We are excited to offer this innovative turnkey solution for clients to better disseminate information to their employees and allow training of diverse audiences in multiple locations.&rdquo;<br /><br />Today, many large organizations benefit from e-learning solutions, but few small and midsized companies have the training resources to offer e-learning programs. </p><p>With Quest Express, a company doesn&rsquo;t need a large training budget to provide effective solutions for its employees. </p><p>Further, small to midsized companies derive even greater relative value from e-learning than large companies.<br /><br />Quest Express seamlessly couples Knowledge Anywhere&rsquo;s Quest Track learning management solution (LMS) with each company&rsquo;s PowerPoint training presentation to rapidly deploy a robust Web-based e-learning course with complete tracking and reporting capabilities. </p><p>This solution enables a company to collaborate on, amend and re-examine its learning program as needed.<br /><br />The following are included in Quest Express:<br /></p><ul><li>Quest Track Standard Edition LMS</li><li>Five hours of consulting time, including a pre-production review of a company&rsquo;s PowerPoint training presentation</li><li>Site branding with a company&rsquo;s corporate logo</li><li>Course launch announcement package</li><li>Post-launch support<br /></li></ul><p><br />&ldquo;E-learning solutions help companies align learning with their business objectives,&rdquo; said Richard Nantel, Brandon Hall Research CEO. &ldquo;The ability to improve training efficiency is absolutely critical to small and midsize businesses, whose resources are limited and whose employees fulfill multiple roles.&rdquo;</p>

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