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<strong>Switzerland </strong><br />&ldquo;Knowledge is power &mdash; but sharing knowledge brings success.&rdquo; Incite GmbH is using this slogan to introduce the new version of its KnowHowDB software. Central elements of the new version include extensive improvements to multiuser functionality, user administration, authorizations and MS SQL server connectivity.<br /><br />The KnowHowDB software gives companies a considerable increase in workplace efficiency. Knowledge is stored in a specific manner, can rapidly be accessed by all employees at any time and does not get lost.<br />This ensures a high level of transparency for the knowledge available within the company.<br /><br />KnowHowDB is a Windows-based knowledge management database in which both corporate and noncorporate information can be found quickly and easily at any time. Data storage can be structured in line with personal requirements or unstructured. This intelligent database will find the information you need in a flash.<br /><br />The benefits of KnowHowDB:<br /><br /><ul><li>KnowHowDB has been designed intuitively, so users don&#39;t need any special training.</li><li>KnowHowDB is standard software, and can be used in all industries and sectors.</li><li>Because no customer-specific modifications are required, it offers outstanding value for money.</li><li>Selected knowledge is made available in one central database, removing the need to search for it in many different applications.</li><li>All changes made to records are logged, so any previous version can be restored if required.</li><li>Access to records and categories can be restricted via authorizations, protecting important business data against unauthorized access.</li><li>No separate editor is required for entering and displaying information.</li><li>Entry templates minimize duplicated effort.</li><li>All search terms are highlighted in a different color in the text.</li><li>Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files can be created without the need for additional software.</li><li>Data can be exported in various formats, enabling information to be exchanged with other applications.</li><li>Each user can be assigned the role of either author or reader.</li></ul><br />The Professional Edition of KnowHowDB costs $80 for a single-user license. The software runs under Windows ME/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista. A free demo version is available online. <br />

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