Kelly Services to Sponsor HCI’s Global Talent Track

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<p><strong>Washington, D.C. &mdash;&nbsp; July 18</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management strategies, and Kelly Services, a human resources solutions provider, have announced that Kelly will sponsor HCI&#39;s Global Talent Management education and research track, one of several topics addressed in HCI&#39;s Talent Strategy community of interest, a community HCI considers critical to organizations working to leverage human capital.<br /><br />Multinational organizations are faced with a complex set of challenges when attempting to coordinate and standardize their recruitment, internal deployment and retention efforts worldwide. </p><p>Beyond language considerations, the most obvious stumbling block, there are data-protection laws, cultural differences, currency conversion and legacy processes in each subsidiary that can be very difficult to dislodge. </p><p>Moreover, most multinationals use a wide variety of technologies across their global operations and can face unforeseen difficulties and expenses when attempting to move to one platform for talent management.<br /><br />HCI&#39;s track will use case studies to illustrate the common difficulties and successes multinational corporations have made in streamlining and integrating their global talent management efforts.<br /><br />&quot;Solving the talent management equation is critical to success for all organizations, but for multinationals there are more variables,&quot; said Allan Schweyer, HCI president and executive director. &quot;HCI&#39;s new track is aimed at helping these organizations understand the complexities of global recruitment and retention.&quot; </p><p>George Corona, Kelly Services executive vice president, agreed. </p><p>&quot;Talent management at a global level brings inherent challenges,&quot; he said. &quot;For companies to attract top talent globally, it is imperative that their human resources practices and systems are integrated and standardized.</p><p>&quot;We are delighted to sponsor this education and research track that will address the key challenges and, more importantly, offer proactive solutions.&quot;</p>

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