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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
IT’s Academic
Tegan Jones, Daniel Margolis, Ben Warden and Kellye Whitney
From emerging degrees to innovative approaches to technical education, IT has found its place in academia. In-depth features on the evolution of IT curriculum, the international angle, the integration of certifications and case studies on how different schools approach IT education all combine in this special academic report.


Job Roles Feature
Implementation to Instruction: Is Teaching on Your Horizon?
Eric Vanderburg

As employers continue to need more educated IT professionals, the demand for qualified IT instructors has increased, as well. Learn about the opportunities for IT professionals to take their technical expertise and enter the world of academia.



Tech Careers
Top 10 Resume Mistakes IT Pros Should Avoid
Katherine Spencer Lee

If you’re updating your resume in preparation for a job hunt, chances are you’ve found plenty of advice on what you should do to capture an employer’s interest. But it’s equally important to know what not to do. Even little mistakes quickly can end your chances of being interviewed for a position.


Consultant’s Corner
David Garrett, 1973 – 2007

Carmi Levy
In April, the editors at Certification Magazine were shocked and saddened to learn David Garrett, our columnist and a frequent contributor, had died. He was 33. We asked Carmi Levy, a friend of David’s and fellow author, to write a tribute in place of David’s monthly column, Consultant’s Corner.


Virtual Village
Open Source Survey

Data Stream
News & Notes for IT Professionals


Travails of the College Dropout

Daniel Margolis
Recognizing the value of a degree whether or not you see value in going to college.




Henry Ford Community College: Learning Lessons from the Past
Tegan Jones

Since 1952, Ford Motor Co. and the Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Mich., have partnered to cultivate well-educated, high-tech workers for the local workforce. Through this partnership, area IT workers can combine their IT degrees with hands-on skills and industry certifications.


Specialty Certification
ITAC and the Enterprise Architect
Andrew Josey

IT architecture is becoming the discipline that separates success from failure in large or complex IT projects. Through certifications such as the Open Group’s IT Architect Certification (ITAC), companies can embrace industry standards for certifying the skills and capabilities of enterprise architects.


Academic Connection
IT Academia Across the Pond
Daniel Margolis

Speaking with an IT pro in the UK about the college experience.




Editor’s Letter
“Animal House” or “Revenge of the Nerds”?
Brian Summerfield

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