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Tapping the Hidden IT Job Market
Karl Childs
When trying to land your dream job, it’s both who and what you know that counts. An informational interview can increase the who you know, helping you make contacts and enabling you to more effectively uncover career opportunities.



Cool Tools: USB Desktop Peripherals and Devices
Ed Tittel
Interesting and fun devices are plugging into business desktops and laptops everywhere. This month, we look at the Universal Serial Bus (USB) that makes it simple to plug and play.

Security Tools: Getting Personal With Port Scanners
Douglas Schweitzer
Despite the implementation of anti-virus software, firewalls and anti-intrusion systems, breaches still occur. Port scanners can help you avoid the inevitable by checking for security holes.

Tech Tools: Remote Tools for Network Administrators
Emily Hollis
Don’t you wish you could fix your users’ systems from your own desk? You can, with tools designed to enable users or network administrators to remotely connect to PCs.



Using IBM WebSphere Application Server Performance Tools
Karunakar Bojjireddy, Joel Meyer, Wenjian Qiao, Srini Rangaswamy and Hari Shankar
When it comes to e-business, performance is critical. This month, we demonstrate how to use the IBM WebSphere Application Server to tackle typical performance problems encountered in enterprise applications.

How to…Respond to Attacks
Brad Causey
Prosecuting cyber criminals is vital to the security of today’s computer-driven world. Security experts can help lock down systems—and lock up intruders.

Security: Best Practices for Wireless Security
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
As the saying goes, security is only as good as your weakest link. This month, take a walk through the best practices that security practitioners should be familiar with as they deploy wireless technology.



The New Architecture Credential for IT Problem-Solvers
Al Valvano
The new Microsoft Certified Architect credential is aimed at improving the success rate of IT projects. This month, we explore how it helps you develop, certify and nurture technical and business skills.

SNIA Builds Storage Networking Certification
Peter Manijak
As a vendor-neutral trade association, SNIA works to make storage networking technologies understandable and easier to mange, and to ensure they are recognized as valued assets. Here’s how certification helps.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Katherine Spencer Lee
You’ve received a job offer, and have given your boss the news you’re moving on. Instead of the “best of luck to you” response, you get a counteroffer—and an enticing one, at that. Now, what should you do?



Why Aren’t We Still Making History?
David Foster, Ph.D.

The Intrinsic Value of Certification
John A. Venator

Stayin’ Alive: Competing in a Global Employment Market
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Testing by the Book

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web


Eye on Certification: Wireless
Brian Summerfield
Wireless technology annual profits could pass $3 billion by 2009, suggesting that the buzz is more than just a media blitz. In this edition, we examine some of the best wireless certifications for IT professionals.

The Threat Inside
Kellye Whitney
Employees can, and sometimes do, target current or past employers. With potential threats inside and outside the business, how do IT pros handle security risks that come from any direction?

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