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Stretching Your Certification Budget
Jonathan Thatcher
Marketing and advertising messages about the IT training and testing industry lure us into believing it is easy to calculate the overall value of certification. This can unfortunately lead to allocating budget based solely on dollars: choose this training, pass that test, and win that job or anticipated salary.



Top Network Monitoring Tools
Ed Tittel
As anybody who’s familiar with the ISO/OSI network management model already knows, network management is a topic that covers many areas, if not also many sins. For those not familiar with the model, it’s not a bad place to start a discussion of what network management tools should do.

Tech Tools: Get on the Broadband Bandwagon
Emily Hollis
It’s likely that your business has access to a number of broadband options, and even in remote locations, your choices are increasing.

Network Tools: Disk Rescue Utilities
Douglas Mechaber
When faced with a network operating system (NOS) that won’t load, as a network guru, alternate tools can make your day.

Choosing an Antivirus Solution
Douglas Schweitzer
Having studied malicious code defense, I am frequently asked the question: What’s the best antivirus product? My answer usually evokes a perplexed look.

Understanding Windows Active Directory
Ed Tittel
A properly designed directory represents a model of the organization it serves, including not only information about computers, users and resources, but also establishing and enforcing security policies, access controls, data flows and much more.

Security – Intrusion Detection and Prevention: The Second Line of Defense
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Firewall systems are the first layer of defense and are typically deployed at the perimeter of the organization. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are the next layers of defense.




Guest Editorial: A Detrimental Equation for Cheating
Jamie Mulkey
In today’s cheating culture, you can scarcely pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding an article about the prevalence of cheating.

Inside Certification: Cisco Asks, Can Security Skills Be Certified?
Yusuf Hussain Bhaiji
Many key security technologies are still evolving, and new standards are emerging. You might wonder if it’s possible to develop a valid security certification.

Learning Tools: Find the Best Certification Prep Materials
Ed Tittel
Though revenues are down, the certification market remains a big business. This means you can find many different kinds of materials available to help you prepare for your certification.

Spcialty Certification: The Security Certified Program: Delivering Hands-on Enterprise Security Skills
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Security is the No. 1 priority of IT professionals, according to a recent IDC report. Of nearly 1,000 IT managers surveyed by IDC in July 2003, 40 percent rated security as their highest priority.

Tech Careers: Managing Well: What the Best IT Supervisors Know
Katherine Spencer Lee

In a recent survey by our company, 43 percent of executives polled said employee job satisfaction is most impacted by the manager-employee relationship.

David Foster, Ph.D.

Perspectives: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
John A. Venator

Final Thoughts
Martin Bern

Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Stretching for Success


CertMag on the Web
CloseUp: Citrix Certified Administrator
Ed Tittel
The entry-level certification for Citrix certification programs is the Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) credential. It’s designed to identify individuals who have a strong working knowledge of Citrix platforms and products and is a prerequisite for other, more advanced Citrix certifications.

Maintaining Certification Value
Dow A. Williamson
Qualified, certified information security professionals are the key to establishing and maintaining the stability and security of complex networked information systems.

Letters to the Editor
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