July 2005 Certification Magazine

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Everybody Wins: The Value of Certification
Brian Summerfield
As you speed down the track of your IT career, you’ve got plenty of tools to help you reach the finish line. Certification can help you tune your career engine to provide more value for potential employers.



Convergence: Tools for Traffic
Ed Tittel
With communications running over all kinds of networks, IT pros are asking, “Why can’t they all just get along?” Convergence tools help voice, video, data and other traffic share networking media, and lower costs.

Security Tools: Getting Rid of Unwanted Cookies
Douglas Schweitzer
Cookies are a sweet treat, unless you’re dealing with the not-so-sweet ones placed on your hard drive while you browse the Web. Take steps now to ensure privacy and security.

Tech Tools: Service-Oriented Architecture: It’s Evolution, Baby
Emily Hollis
While vendors and pundits gush about SOA’s revolutionary nature, it’s really an evolution of existing methodologies. This month, we take a brief look at just a few of the players in the SOA space.



Cryptography Techniques for Secure Communication
Robert Winding
Electronic communication is the lifeblood of the organization, and keeping business secrets secret is imperative. Cryptography techniques can secure communications and prevent information exposure.

How to…Use a Windows Firewall to Secure Clients
Beatrice Mulzer
As more small businesses learn to leverage Windows 2003’s mobility features, employees increasingly unplug from the desktop to work anywhere. Here’s how to use Windows Firewall to keep wandering workers secure.

Security: The CobiT Security Baseline
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
CobiT contains information to help organizations adopt an IT governance and control framework. This month, we offer 39 essential steps from the CobiT Security Baseline to help you plan information security.



IT Certification: Increasing Women’s Career Opportunities
Jo Stewart-Rattray
IT is still a male-dominated field—in CertMag’s 2004 Salary Survey, women made up less than 10 percent of respondents. To get ahead in the field, women need a smart career strategy.

LPI: Certification for the Open-Source Community
Evan Leibovitch
In the next few months, LPI will deliver its 100,000th certification exam. The secret to its success is a trusted, accessible and independent approach, supported by a big, happy family of open-source advocates.

BEA Certification: The Technical Professional’s Fast-Track to Success
Prakash Malani
BEA Systems certifications have grown more than 500 percent in the past year, but the program’s team is not resting on its laurels. Find out how the program has evolved and is adapting to changing times.

Management Rules That Are Made to Be Broken
Katherine Spencer Lee
Like old wives’ tales, unstated “rules” for management become accepted over time. While some of these tried-and-true strategies are useful, in some situations, it’s best to bend—or even break—the rules.



Measuring Performance on a Certification Exam
David Foster, Ph.D.

Microsoft and the Open-Source Community: Feel the Love
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
The Voice of the Certified People

Letters to the Editor


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Eye on Certification: Internet-Related Credentials
Brian Summerfield
In less than two decades, the Internet has evolved dramatically from its roots as a research and correspondence tool to its current global ubiquity. In the wired world, Internet certifications can be a boon.

Inside the IT Job Search
Kellye Whitney
The IT professional’s job search must target specific criteria: industry growth, networking and resume building. This month, we offer job-seekers a few hints to help maximize their search efforts.

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