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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Building Your Certification Budget
Matt McGrath
Budgeting for IT certification involves determining the real cost of getting certified, finding a way to pay for it and completing the program in a realistic time frame.


Job Roles Feature
Storage Professionals and the Road to Success
Rich Mitchell

How do you take advantage of, fit into and not get run over by the explosion in storage technology? With the industry in flux, how do you position yourself to succeed in the next five to 10 years?

Techniques Feature
Practice to Perfection: Get Out of the Lab and Into the World
Kellye Whitney

To build a successful career in the IT industry, you have to be able to demonstrate your skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re entry-level or advanced. The name of the game is, “Show us what you can do.”




Tech Careers
Does Your Job Need a Jump Start?
Katherine Spencer Lee

It’s common for IT professionals to reach a point in their careers when they feel like they’re on autopilot. Maybe they’re working with the same technologies day in and day out or repeatedly performing only a handful of unchallenging tasks. Whatever the cause, the result is the same: They lack the enthusiasm they once held for their roles.


Consultant’s Corner
Shoptalk: The Fine Art of Selling

David Garrett
Selling is hard. It’s also distasteful to most IT experts who prefer to interface with motherboards, not people. But if you don’t sell, you don’t eat, so we’ve assembled a few tips to help you put food on the table.


Virtual Village
Ask the Village

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Declaring Independence from Your Employer

Brian Summerfield
IT pros in the working world today put up with their share of hassles, ranging from unrealistic deadlines and workloads to insufficient salary to insufferable superiors. These factors can overwhelm even the most dogged and talented techies, which in turn leads them to “dissolve the bands” connecting them to their companies.




SAP Labs U.S.: Creating Knowledge, Driving Innovation
Cari McLean

As the company’s first lab outside of Germany, SAP’s U.S. lab has contributed to a number of technical and product successes. With more than 1,200 workers, the California-based lab seeks employees with a combination of skills and training to develop foundational strategies for leading-edge software solutions.


Inside Certification
IBM SOA Certification: Innovation for Business
Becky Gonzalez

IBM has continued to revolutionize the world of information technology with the evolution of e-business into on-demand business. Today, IBM is taking on-demand business and innovation to the next level through service-oriented architecture.


Specialty Certification
CIW: Web Design and the 21st Century Workplace
James Stanger, Ph.D.

CIW certificate holders possess interdisciplinary knowledge that allows them to be proactive, sift information and add value to their organizations. Learn how CIW certifications require candidates to understand today’s knowledge economy.




Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe

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